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Gran Canaria, the so-called “miniature continent”, is characterized by the richness of different landscapes and microclimates in an area of just over 1.500 km²: arid deserts, abrupt volcanic formations, lush forests and delicious beaches that have nothing to envy from other spots around the world. The kilometric Playa del Inglés and the Natural Reserve of Maspalomas and its breathtaking Dunes are just some examples. Naturally, discovering Gran Canaria´s symbol par excellence is a must: the Roque Nublo. The Natural Monument is located at the geographical center of the island. Next to it, you will find other singular rock formations just as the so-called Roque del Fraile (i.e. monk rock) and La Rana (i.e. the frog).

From Playa del Inglés up to the old lighthouse at its extreme, Maspalomas embraces the breathtaking Dunes, which are declared special natural reserve.


At Southwest of Gran Canaria we find the municipality of Mogán, which is recognized for having not only the best climate of the archipelago, but also one of the healthiest microclimates in the world. With an average annual temperature of 19.2°C and being permanently sunny, the precipitation here is low. However, in winter you will find streams and spectacular waterfalls in upland areas. That is why Mogán has the greatest dam on the island: Presa de Soria. The vegetation is mainly formed by endemic flora, so-called tabaibal-cardonal. Here, you will also find great Canary pine forests, palm oasis and exotic fruit trees.
In the picturesque Puerto de Mogán you can enjoy a unique marine ambience with a special classy touch. It has a unique beauty due to its salt water canals that are interconnected by little bridges. Furthermore, you can take a refreshing dip in the beach of Playa de Mogán, only a few steps away from our resort. Puerto de Mogán offers a wide variety of gastronomic experiences for you to taste the flavors of the island. Due to its excellent climatological conditions, its facilities and its services, you can practice a lot of activities over and under water, for example diving, fishing, sailing or sea excursions.


Doubtlessly, Gran Canaria is the ideal place for practicing sport in the open and direct contact with full nature. The kindness of the sea and the wind, as well as the average water temperature of 20º make of Gran Canaria the perfect place for surf, bobyboard or kitesurf lovers. Naturally, Gran Canaria is also a prominent place for lovers of diving, fishing and sailing.
An internationally acclaimed regatta sailing course attests the marine character of the capital city, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, that is also part of the World Surf Cities Network.
Furthermore, Gran Canaria is popular for golf practicing. The average annual temperature of 23.5º and incredible landscapes as a backdrop are the perfect scenario for this activity. For example, we invite you to enjoy a pleasant “swing” day at International Course of Maspalomas, located on the seafront and surrounded by Special Natural Reserve of the Dunes.


The image of an overwhelming place, where one looks at the horizon and understands why the title of “miniature continent”. Gran Canaria is not only a destination for sea and beach lovers. It is also a refuge for lovers of the rugged mountains, the green and the humidity. The island hides secrets that want to be discovered by those who love nature, who are not in a hurry and who let be conquered by the silence.
Gran Canaria offers an extensive trail network for hiking accessible to all audiences. With more than 300 kilometers of paths and 33 protected natural areas, you decide the level of difficulty, the route and the duration – alone or accompanied, whether in the North or in the South. Every path you take is a historic trail traced by the ancient Canaries, and is a fascinating trip to natural and native places that are rich in flora and fauna. The entangled relief of the mountains, the crossroads, a curious mixture of superb cliffs and kind trails, slender palm trees and elegant pines make hiking on this island as attractive as a treat is for a child.
From the peaks, starting at Cruz de Tejeda, through the lush Barranco de La Mina and arriving at the historic village of Teror. From Pico de Las Nieves, the highest point of Gran Canaria, reaching the volcanic Caldera de los Marteles. Or through the shelters of the Canary laurel forest in Tilos de Moya. Whatever you decide, a sublime view and the distinctive scent of earth await you.


Definitely, it is a privilege enjoying beaches and marinas that not only possess the Canarian natural beauty, but also highlight for their quality. In Gran Canaria, Maspalomas, Meloneras and Playa del Inglés, among others, have been awarded with the prestigious Blue Flag.
Playa del Inglés, beach of golden finest sand and peaceful waters, is three kilometers long and has become one of the most populars of Spain.
Certainly, Maspalomas will take your breath away. From Playa del Inglés up to the old lighthouse at its extreme, Maspalomas embraces the Charca (i.e. pond) and the breathtaking Dunes, that are declared special natural reserve . These protected natural spaces attract the attention of tourists and scientists and are certainly emblematic symbols of Gran Canaria.

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